What are Negative Outcomes of SMB’s Avoiding a Robust IT Infrastructure?

What happens when SMB's avoid IT infrastructure

Avoiding Robust  IT Infrastructure, and It’s Impacts on SMB’s

When you are part of a small to medium-sized business you likely wear many hats and have to worry about your cash flow. It is understandable that the IT infrastructure Is not at the top of your mind, especially if you are not focused on technology or in a technology industry. However, there are real and legitimate negative consequences in avoiding the implementation of a robust IT infrastructure in your business, which can simply be achieved by outsourcing your IT to a qualified provider.

Lack of Data

One of the most powerful functions of technology is to provide us with data. Data provides rich insights on many aspects of business from client retention and funneling to employee performance. If there is no technology as part of the business structure then there will be minimal data from which to gather insights. 

Delayed Communication

Technology seems to impact every aspect of our life. Often, this has to do with how reachable we can be with multiple devices. While this can make a work-life balancing a little more challenging, if you do not have technology in place to support instant communication then decisions will be delayed and it is possible that some important voices would be left out of conversations. 

Manual File Storage

Technology has completely transformed the way that businesses handle files. Gone are the days of manual file storage, lost files, and people working on multiple versions of the same file. Without technology, you will have repetitive work, lost files, and a slower work time. 

Better Visibility for Clients

Businesses need a digital imprint. This is where clients do a lot of business discovery. Even if your business has little to no e-commerce, technology still creates a web presence. Having a technology strategy means that digital marketing and communication will be part of your business plan. 

Questionable Productivity

Without technology, businesses will have a poor sense of how productive and effective various workers are. It is not to say that people are not productive without technology, but a business will have absolutely no insight into how productive employees are and what support they might need to be more complex. 

Mobile Work

Technology is not tied to a specific device. Emails can be answered on the elevator and video calls can be taken on the commute home. Without a technology strategy, employees simply cannot complete work while away from their desks because the technology is not there for their device to use. 

Missed Voices

Technology and especially asynchronous communication raises the opportunity for everyone to have a say in particular matters. When you have a meeting in a room, there are people who take time to process or do not feel comfortable speaking up. However, when you add in asynchronous and delayed communication into businesses, then more people can have the opportunity to share their thoughts and opinions. 

Technology and business should go hand-in-hand. Not having a technology infrastructure in place means that opportunities and areas for future growth are missed. The key is to have an intention and purpose behind every technology decision that is made so that it fits into your overall business strategy and goals.