Data Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR)

Ensure critical business information is recoverable without interruption, should a disaster occur

Implemented Backup and Disaster Recovery.

Protect your most valuable data

Data resiliency is essential for maintaining business continuity.

Ensure critical business information, and customer data are secure and recoverable without interruption, should a disaster occur
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Quick access to files when needed

No matter who makes what mistake, we are confident to protect your data and recover them when need to.

Safeguard against failed hard drive

Some hard drives begin to malfunction when certain parts become worn or otherwise damaged.

Eliminate power interruption

Whether it is an extreme storm or a random blackout, power outages have the potential to demolish the hard drive of your computer.

Data recovery due to OS failure

The majority of computer crashes are caused due to OS failures. Protect your important data in case of a failure.

Simplifying your Backup and Disaster Recover experience for ever.

Never lose access to essential business data

Providing backup in the most secure way while minimizing the risks of hacking and malicious actions and activities. In addition to the actual data or files, we also transfer and backup the metadata, which maintains a level of organization that you have used to classify your data.

Experience the best in class data backup and DR solutions.

The risk of data loss increases dramatically as the volume and complexity of your data grows, that's when you need Solidit.

Protect your clients' data

Design, implement and monitoring your DR platform. Design your backup while keeping your customers in mind.

Seamless data recovery

Data recovery without interruption, should a disaster occur. Focusing on data loss prevention and restoration.

Get backup and DR

Ensure critical business information is recoverable without interruption, should a disaster occur
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Data backup and DR prevents catastrophic data loss

Implement a robust data recovery solution. Protect yours and your clients' valuable data.
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