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Solidit specializes in managed IT services, network design and security, cloud solutions, consulting, and web design/hosting. Regardless of your IT needs and budget, we can work together to find a solution that works for you.
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Prevent downtime and keep all your systems running with around-the-clock monitoring and support.
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Managed IT services

24/7 IT support and help desk.

Cloud services

Run a better business from anywhere.

Backup and recovery

Data recovery without interruption.

IT consulting

Implementing a new technology? Let's discuss.

Network security

Design, build and monitor a robust network.

Cyber monitoring

Analyze and block potential online threats.

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Frequently asked questions

A list of frequently asked questions to help you understand how it works

1. What size business benefits from outsourcing its IT to a MSP?

Although any business is eligible to outsource its IT support, but we have seen great returns (On cost-reduction, efficiency and employee productivity) in companies with 1 up to 250 employees (depending on the nature of their business). In order to be cost effective, you should be always thinking about dealing with one vendor for all your IT needs.

2. How much does it cost to outsource our IT?

Outsourcing your IT is significantly more affordable and const-efficient than calling for a service on case-by-case basis. When outsourcing your IT to Solidit, you’ll only pay a flat monthly fee while tapping into our wide range of solutions. We have multiple partnerships with major industry leaders, which gives us the leverage to be robust, reliable, and responsive.

3. Why do we see a big increase in our IT spendings?

It is extremely hard to predict when an issue becomes problematic and requires an immediate attention. If you don’t have a dedicated and reliable platform in place, you will always rely on different vendors on case-by-cases basis to get your issues resolved, which leads into scattered spending patterns. When you outsource your IT to Solidit, a single platform with unlimited IT resources, we ensure 24/7 network monitor in order to prevents downtime, resolving issues in real-time, and eliminate catastrophic events.

4. Why is it important to outsource our IT to an MSP?

Records have shown small and midsize businesses have both reduced IT spendings (hiring, training, retirement benefits, employment taxes, etc.), and increased productivity such as; less downtime, 24/7 monitoring and support, fixing issues with in 1-4 hours and mostly remote.

5. Why cloud migration has a direct relationship with cost reduction?

Moving to the cloud has many benefits, which directly contributes to lowering cost and increasing efficiency;

  1. Cloud is scalable, which means you will pay for what you use
  2. No hardware to run, means you will reduce energy cost
  3. No upfront costs, which eliminates hardware investment
  4. Anytime and anywhere access, which leads to collaboration efficiency
  5. With updated security protocols, your data is always protected

Solidit will help you in any step of the way until your systems are fully migrated and operational, alongside our around-the-clock monitoring and support.

6. How long does your onboarding process take?

Depending on your business size and systems complexity, our on boarding process takes anywhere between 7-30 days. This includes the necessary automation process in order to streamline our support and helpdesk.


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