You have business expertise, partner with us for IT expertise.

Implement a robust IT infrastructure to keep up with your competitors

Keep up with new trends in technology.

Businesses are more than ever relying on technology

IT consulting for technology transformation.

Improve business efficiency

Ranges from what systems you need, to what level of security would be good for your business. We are dedicated to continuous engagement, communication, and follow-up on the agreed consulting services.
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Here at Solidit, our goal is to listen to you, understand your needs, and come up with the best solution to succeed.


We will take on the role of a liaison between you and the rest of your team and help you transition.

Build & deploy

Automating your daily processes, or maybe build an application so your employee and clients can interact better.


Implementing low maintenance systems is important to deliver your services, have satisfied customers, yet be profitable.

Are you planing to implement a new technology?

Dedicated vCTO offering a full-service IT department with single point of contact for each of our clients
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Strategic IT Planning & Budgets

Embrace new approaches that are more business-driven and flexible.

Compliance Review & Audits

Understanding of the new regulatory changes that could impact your business.

Virtual CIO Services (vCIO)

Providing short or long term IT strategy or operations leadership.

Cloud & Database Migration

Simplifying the migration of high volume data across different platforms.

Cyber Security Planing & Implementation

Planing and implementing Cyber attack prevention solutions; always ahead.

Business Continuity Planning

Establishing a clear IT roadmap to keep your systems running uninterrupted.

Advice on which technology works for your business objectives.

Determine the right IT solution

We are completely focused on what works for your business objectives. We never provide a blanket solution for everyone, rather carefully listen to your specific needs and come to a shared agreement of what works. Whether you need additional assistance on a temporary basis or a permanent solution, we can work within your needs.

Our IT consulting process

Technology is a major factor in today's growing business, so let's do it together. Let's chat.
  • 1

    Project scoping and planning

    Perform in-depth analysis to understand your current infrastructure and challenges.

  • 2

    Recommendation and solutions

    Identify and prioritize areas for improvement based on your specific business challenges.

  • 3

    Implementation and support

    We'll implement cost-effective IT solutions and support that meets your business needs.

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Implementing a technology that works for your business is essential
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