Around-the-clock tech support.

Enterprise IT support and resources designed for continuous business operations


Continuous Support

24/7 IT monitoring and support, our systems never sleep.

IT Knowledge

Confident in our ability to provide best solutions.

More Cost-effective IT

Eliminate the need for hiring your own IT team.

Fast Resolution Time

Automated process to resolve tier-one ticket.


Tailored IT solutions, addressing your specific need

We handle the infrastructure, solutions, and end-to-end IT services so that you can focus on your business and serving your customers.

Managed IT Services

Managed services are the range of IT services that you choose to outsource to an IT specialized company.

Cloud Services

A large benefit of cloud computing is the use of economy of scale where there is seamless sharing across departments and devices.

Network Security

Whether you are working with very secure and confidential data, or less confidential data, it is still essential to optimize your network security.

Backup Solutions

You can ensure critical business information is recoverable without interruption, should a disaster occur.

Cyber Security

Monitoring your network 24-hours a day and establish alerts that will let us know whenever there is a potential attack.

IT Consulting

Whether you need additional IT assistance on a temporary basis, or a permanent solution, we can work within your needs.

Discuss your IT, talk to one of Solidit's solution consultants

Let's set up a time with one of Solidit's Solution Consultants

Solidit is your single platform with unlimited IT resources. Let the experts do what they're good at, so you can focus on business.

Our onboarding process

Deciding to partner with a Managed Service Provider (MSP) like Solidit Technologies is a step forward for business technology needs.
  • 1.

    Discovery and Planning

    Developing an understanding of the client's current IT infrastructure to tailor their plans accordingly. Once a roadmap has been created for client development, a timeline will be agreed upon. It is very important, before moving forward, that we fully understand the client's needs, as MSP services can vary in scope based on the business.

  • 2.

    Audit and Assessment

    We will completely analyze and report upon the current IT environment, mainly looking for key inefficiencies, risk factors, cyber attack vulnerabilities, out of date software or hardware, redundancy systems, and opportunities for development. Thoroughly audit your current environment for better visibility to your needs.

  • 3.

    Customization & Development

    Providing our findings and recommended solutions for client's review and approval. Once client has reviewed and fully understand the scope of offered services, we will finalize the plan and depending on the size of the organization's infrastructure, deployment could take as little as the following business day or to be completed over multiple stages.

  • 4.

    Implementation & Ongoing Support

    The client will meet with Solidit Technologies and decide what services will be implemented. A deployment could be completed in a day or two or it could be a several month process, and when the deployment is complete and the client is satisfied with it, the Solidit Technologies will shift from an active partner to a support role for ongoing IT management.


At Solidit Technologies, we provide services with one goal in mind; streamlining your IT, so you can focus on business.

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