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Outsourced WiFi management and support for better performance.

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A fully managed solution that delivers consistent WiFi Internet connections

Simply put the responsibility for your WiFi performance, maintenance and risk management into the hands of highly experienced experts who are likely more able to meet a business’ objectives for seamless access, strong signals and cost containment.

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Connectivity everywhere your users need it

Deliver a strong high-capacity WiFi connection across your location and provide service where your staff, employees and guests need it. Whether it’s in every corner of your property or in facilities across the country, our Managed WiFi service delivers high-performing connectivity everyone can count on.

Turnkey managed service

Managed WiFi is a comprehensive service: We design, implement and manage it all for you. Our experts monitor your WiFi connections, provide access point support and handle any additional network change requests. In short, we take care of it all.

No additional expenses

We provide, manage and maintain all the equipment, so you can say goodbye to maintenance expenses and overhead. And at no extra cost, we proactively monitor your WiFi with 24/7/365 support from local technical experts — ensuring you'll have peace of mind that your connection is reliable.

Provide a reliable and robust WiFi throughout your business location

To get an enterprise-grade WLAN service for 100% secure and seamless connectivity, businesses need to outsource their WLAN design, installation and management to a technology partner. Solidit is a fully managed WiFi solution provider.

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24/7/365 tech support

Our local team of experts ensures your signal is always strong through proactive monitoring and quick resolution to network issues.

Enterprise grade security

Our portal provides visibility into your WiFi network's health and performance. Usage reports offer a better understanding of user behaviors and needs.

Modular and scalable

Easily add access points as your location’s footprint, occupancy or bandwidth demands change.

Predictable monthly fee

There’s only one monthly charge that includes equipment, management, maintenance and 24/7/365 support.

Equipment install & fulfillment

Provided equipment offers better bandwidth utilization and stronger WiFi signal strength for better connections – requiring up to 30% fewer access points than other WiFi services.

Business-specific design

Our WiFi experts design and deploy the optimal coverage solution, including indoor and outdoor access points. Customizable login pages are available to provide a branded experience when desired.

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